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Mobile Phone Usage Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Costs

Mobile Phone Usage Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Costs

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Have you seen anybody without a smart phone these days? No would most probably be your answer. Everyone from kids to adults use a smart phone these days and it has become the primary mode of communication for the majority of us. However there are many usage errors that can really damage a device and considerably shorten its life span. Here are some of the biggest usage errors to avoid at all costs when you start using your smart phone.

Not buying protective accessories

Most people will spend so much money on a mobile phone and then think about how they can save money if they buy a screen protector or a casing later. That is one of the most common mistakes that phone users get tangled up in today. The mobile that you have bought is expensive and will serve as your camera, iPod, calling device, social media browser and all that therefore, is it not only right that just like you buy a prepaid sim card Hong Kong on first priority you also buy protective accessories that will prevent your phone from getting badly damaged in the case of an accident? Don’t leave things to chance.

Charging the battery wrong

This is one more area where we all really don’t pay much attention to the kind of damage that we are doing to the phone. We are all aware that on your laptop, you must never keep the battery charging all the time. You must only lug in the charger when the battery runs low and the warning pops up to indicate it. The same rules apply to your phone too. More often than not, we charge the mobile all through the day and as we wish but the correct method of charging would be to wait till the warning indicates low battery and then plugging it in. Constantly charging your phone means that you will be shortening the battery’s life span. Visit

Keeping the phone in areas with moisture and dampness

While there are mobiles now that are water resistant, it is always prudent to keep the devices in areas that are not open to moisture and dampness. The same is true for the opposite too where phones are left out in direct sunlight that can cause the device to heat up. In the same time do not continue to charge your device if it is in a closed container because the battery could overheat and there might be an accident. Always treat the phone the same way that you would your computer.

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